In which Shark runs into an old friend

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5 Responses to In which Shark runs into an old friend

  1. Inkeifan says:

    I like the part where Shark says ‘Robbing Banks’ again. It was the funniest punch line 😛

  2. Fandangox says:

    Reminded me of that episode of Futurama, and that really old Argentinan comic by Quino

  3. Obachuka says:

    Your ideas are so random how do you come up with them?

    • I first come up with a believable scenario that seems like it could be potentially funny (in this case, it was Shark robbing a bank).
      Then I make the believable scenario unbelievable by conflicting with the expected outcome (in this case, Shark runs into a friend while robbing a bank; is that weird or what!), or complying with the expected outcome to an extreme extent.

      • Obachuka says:

        Aha, I see. You set up a scene to give a viewer a certain expectation and twist them away. This would incite a reaction in the viewer’s mind and hopefully achieves the goal of humor. And then the last panel is usually the punchline.


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